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Our voices heard as one


In China, we have a large number of users in the use of quality products.


They increase productivity, improve safety, and create higher returns.


We want to replicate that success in Africa, where people can be richer, where transportation can be safer, where construction can be more efficient.








How are we going to do that ?





Security is our premise.


We dominate design in terms of traffic safety. 


Our vision is that no truck will cause traffic accidents. 


We track the causes of accidents over the years and continue to improve.


Prevent accidents and reduce injuries. 


Not just for the driver, but for everyone.














Tight scheoules in long-haulage



Long-distance operations typically involve vehicles carrying heavy loads and drivers coping with tough working conditions.


Schedules are often tight and the demands of customers are nearly always high.


Keeping to schedule is a crucial in being able to manage just-in-time delivery deadlines.


Our long haulage trucks combine high-quality, cutting-edge technology with unique customisation options.


The result is vehicles that are tailored to meet every business need, offer outstanding operating economy and appeal to drivers.


Driver behaviour is crucial when it comes to operating economy, road safety, and environmental impact.


We offers a number of on-board vehicle systems focused on drivers, all of which improve vehicle performance and enhance safety.